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Surgery / Lasers

  • At the Southwest Eye Institute, we specialize in several types of eye surgeries and lasers. Minor surgical procedures can be performed in our specialized surgical suite in our office. Other surgical procedures are usually performed at the Vista Surgery Center, which is adjacent to our office.

  • Our new VIP Laser Center

    The Southwest Eye Institute is proud to announce that they have taken over the laser vision correction practice of Dr. Stephen Schuster when he retired in January, 2016.  Now known as the VIP Laser Center, you can read all about our LASIK and PRK programs on our VIP website: http://www.eyesvip.com/lasikprk/


  • The Southwest Eye Institute and Vista Surgery Center are dedicated to providing the best cataract surgery experience available.  Learn more about our "VIP for all patients" approach to cataract surgery at: http://www.eyesvip.com/vip-cataract-surgery/

  • Pterygium Surgery

    A pterygium is a whitish growth on the eye that usually starts in the corner and then grows toward the front of the eye. A pterygium can grow into the visual axis of the eye, causing vision problems as well as significant irritation. There are several methods for removing pterygia. Most are approximately 15 minutes in length and use minimal anesthesia. Our surgeons usually perform pterygium excision with placement of an amniotic membrane graft. This surgical option usually requires no stitches and often heals quickly.

  • Droopy Eyelids

    Do you suffer from droopy eyelids that block your vision or cause significant irritation?  If so, you may qualify for a blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure in which your surgeon will remove the excess eyelid skin.  

  • Diabetes

    If you have diabetes, it is important that you get a comprehensive eye examination at least once a year, or more frequently if recommended by your doctor.  Diabetes can cause changes in your eyes that you don’t even know are occurring. 

  • Glaucoma Lasers

    While glaucoma is usually treated with eye drops, in some cases, a laser treatment is recommended. For some patients, the laser eliminated the needs for glaucoma eye drops.

  • Other Procedures

    This list is just a sampling of the procedures we offer at the Southwest Eye Institute.  We look forward to caring for you.