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Angela Perry, M.D.

Angela Faye Perry was born in Houston, Texas, on September 11, 1963. She is the fifth born of ten to Drs. Levi Vincent and Eula Faye Perry, a Cardiologist and Pediatrician – also of Houston, TX. Her early education in the Houston Independent School District provided a platform to her graduation from St. John’s School in Houston, where she spent her senior year as a college freshman at Washington University in St. Louis. Following her brief college career of two and a half years, Dr. Perry matriculated to Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago, IL where she obtained her Medical Degree. She returned to Houston, TX for her internship at St. Joseph Hospital with her father as Chief of the Medical Staff at Christus St. Joseph Hospital. Often first to arrive at cardiac arrests, she was unanimously elected “Intern of the Year”.  Following an Ophthalmology residency, at Howard University in Washington, DC (where she was distinguished as the  “Outstanding Clinician” upon graduation, Dr. Perry served as an instructor in Ophthalmology in the Department of Surgery at Howard University Hospital for one year prior to her two-year ASOPRS-approved fellowship in Eye Plastic and Orbital Surgery at the W.K. Kellogg Eye Center in Ann Arbor, MI. After completing her Fellowship (with the distinction of being the only Fellow ever voted as “Instructor of the Year” in the history of the Institution at the time,) she served as Director of Ocoluplastics at the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  Dr. Perry relocated to her home State of Texas in July 2003 after enjoying a private practice and spa ownership in the Washington, DC area for seven years. She currently practices Oculoplastics at American Vision Partners in Phoenix, AZ, and El Paso, TX.

Dr. Perry provides the following specialized services:  management of eyelid, lacrimal system disorders, and orbital disorders. This includes ptosis (drooping upper eyelids,)  blepharospasm, reconstruction after skin cancer surgery, tearing, dry eye, and blocked tear ducts. Other conditions include blepharospasm, management of orbital trauma and tumors,  and management of thyroid eye disease,  Dr. Perry also provides unique expertise for cosmetic skin care and facial concerns.  Dr. Perry has been utilizing Botox in her practice since July of 1992, having trained at a study center for the FDA approval of Botox. Well-versed in the application of many types of lasers (for resurfacing, collagen stimulation, and hair removal), Dr. Perry also performs endoscopic surgery. She brings expertise in skin care as well as massage to her practice. In addition, she is a certified yoga instructor. Her hobbies include a passion for fishing, art, gardening, swimming, painting, and cooking (vegan as well as omnivorous gourmet fare).

Having owned her own spa in Kensington, MD, Dr. Perry is facile with massage therapy, facials, non-surgical face-lifting, alternative medical and cosmetic therapies, and most of all listening to the needs of those seeking her expertise. Well versed in various disciplines aside from Medicine and Surgery,  Dr. Perry constantly seeks to further her understanding of the human condition.  As a certified yoga instructor as well as a Copper Institute  Certified Personal Trainer, she brings a wealth of anti-aging advice to her practice.

She is one of several medical doctors in her family. All four of her sisters are physicians representing the fields of Cardiology, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine (combined with Internal Medicine,) and Neonatology. Two of her five brothers are physicians as well (Ear, Nose and Throat combined with career Naval Medicine,  and Pediatric Neurosurgery.) Although both of her physician-parents are now retired, at 89-years old they are as passionate as ever about living an exemnplary life of service in healthcare. An avid angler (fresh as well as salt water,) Dr. Perry enjoys fishing in her spare time. Be it in Houston or Galveston, TX, The Gulf of Mexico or The Sea of Cortez, or any local area lake or stream – fish tremble when they hear her name.

Dr. Perry is also passionate about supporting her local community – often foregoing the ease of the internet and the telephone to seek out local businesses for her needs. Most importantly, she enjoys womanhood – instilling a strong sense of self-confidence, community, respect and unconditional love of and respect for self in all those she encounters.

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