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LASIK Eye Surgery


You become a Very Important Person (VIP) when you decide to come to the Southwest Eye Institute for your laser vision correction. That’s why when Dr. Stephen Schuster, previously El Paso’s most accomplished refractive surgeon, retired in 2016 he entrusted his LASIK center to Dr. Javier De la Torre and our team here at the Southwest Eye Institute. Our unique VIP program here at Southwest Eye Institute in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM includes:

Personal Consultation with your Surgeon Directly

At the Southwest Eye Institute, your refractive surgeon Dr. Javier De la Torre will personally perform your formal evaluation for surgery, calculate your treatment plan, and then perform the laser treatment.

Modern Technology

We use advanced technology to evaluate your eyes and perform your laser vision correction. This includes the iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio System which takes microscopically precise measurements of the eye to aim for the best laser results.

Measurements Performed by the LASIK Surgeon

The success of laser vision correction mainly falls in the pre-operative measurements. Your surgeon will personally perform all of the most critical measurements and calculations for your treatment plan.

A No-Rush Approach to Your Examination and Procedure

We want you to feel special during the entire process and be sure you have been given the opportunity to have all of your questions answered. Thus, we schedule our evaluations and surgery in such way that you feel our full attention is on you.

Top LASIK Surgeon in El Paso

Dr. Javier De la Torre has performed and overseen thousands of eye laser procedures, including many during the time he served in the US Army improving the sight of our soldiers. He also had the surgery done on himself, so he can share his experience as both a surgeon and a patient. Dr. Javier De la Torre is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and will personally meet with you when you come in for your formal evaluation.

LASIK Eye Surgery Price

At our VIP Laser Center, we feel that quality, technology, and service are far more important than price when it comes to your vision surgery. However, we do also understand that many potential patients need to be sensitive to the cost of a procedure. That’s why we offer various packages and financing to assist you in your quest to see better now.

We do urge all patients to be cautious when shopping just by price. Many advertised prices are “teasers” designed to bring people into a clinic only to find out they don’t qualify for the advertised price. On top of that, they get charged for many additional add-on items that should be included in the quoted price. They also might not even meet the surgeon ahead of time and so might not know anything about the surgeon’s experience. Here’s a fun clip about this topic by Jeff Foxworthy.

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