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3 Reasons Why Cheap LASIK Isn’t Worth the Savings

4 Reasons Why Cheap LASIK Isn't Worth the SavingsWhen you’re considering getting LASIK surgery, you probably do some research to get a feel for what to expect when it comes to the procedure itself and how much it costs. There’s a very good chance that your search has triggered some ads to pop up about cheap LASIK procedures in your area. You may have considered getting surgery at a low price, but there are some great reasons as to why you shouldn’t take the risk of opting for the cheap choice.

1. Outdated Technology

One of the key reasons why these companies can offer discounted rates for LASIK is that they often are using older equipment. This technology is often outdated and doesn’t provide the same features and benefits as newer equipment.

Advances in this field help increase the effectiveness of the procedure while reducing the risks involved. It’s possible that opting for a company that advertises cheap LASIK can mean that the surgery you get is an older method. For example, it may involve using a metal blade rather than the newer option of doing the entire procedure with lasers. One of the first things you should inquire about when going for LASIK consultations is information on the surgical procedures they offer and what type of equipment they use.

2. Lack of Personalized Care

Not only do companies offering cheap LASIK often find ways to skimp on their overhead costs, but they may also try to cram as many appointments into their day as possible. Typically they are looking at it from a cost perspective of quantity over quality. This scheduling means that you may not get that personalized touch. You’ll notice that there may be a lack of small talk, bedside manner, and you can feel rushed. On top of that, many times the surgeon doesn’t even live in your area.  Instead, they fly in every so often just to perform procedures. So you meet your surgeon on the day of surgery and typically never again.

3. You Don’t Qualify for the Offer

You scheduled your appointment for your free consultation only to find out during your meeting that for some reason you don’t qualify for the offer. Perhaps, you have astigmatism or your prescription is outside the range required in the offer.  Sometimes, that fine print on the coupon or ad can clue you in that you won’t be eligible, but there are times when patients find out that they don’t qualify. It can be rather disappointing to think you’re paying one price only to be told that you’d be paying a similar amount to what you’d pay for a more traditional office setting.  Also, many places charge extra for drops, post-op visits, and the like. When investigating, ensure that the price you pay includes everything and that you don’t fall for a “bait and switch” type of situation.

Options to Make LASIK More Affordable

One of the key reasons people get interested in the advertisements for cheap LASIK is because it can be an expensive procedure. Also, because it’s an elective procedure, most likely it will not be covered by health insurance companies. Having to pay for the procedure completely out of pocket may make these look cheap ads very attractive, but after you find out the true cost it usually is not so cheap.

One way to save money on LASIK includes using a health savings account also known as an HSA or flexible savings account also known as an FSA offered by your employer. These options allow you to use tax-free money set aside from your paycheck. Other options include using a credit card that has a no-interest or low-interest option, getting a loan, or a credit card or financing specifically meant for healthcare procedures.

The savings that you expect from going to a company that advertises cheap LASIK surgery are often not all that they seem. Often times you can get high quality with the latest technology at a price that is not much different.  And even if more expensive, you want to ensure that you are getting the best you can for your eyes and vision.

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